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26 September, 2019

Infinity Ward Responds as Fans Fume Over the Modern Warfare's PS4-exclusive Survival mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Special Ops will be exclusive to PS4 for an entire year and fans are disappointed

Yesterday Sony revealed a new story trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which gave us our first look at the new campaign. Right after the trailer came to its end, viewers could see text on the screen saying "Special Ops Survival Mode, play first on PS4", along with a much smaller text at the bottom of the screen which said,” Timed Exclusive Content Until October 1, 2020.”


Modern Warfare is here on the PS4, PC and Xbox One as of October 25, but the Survival Campaign is locked out on everything other than the PS4 for about a year. When eventually it will be available, a new Call of Duty will likely be near release or available to play.

Gamers are of course very unhappy, thinking that this is what they have to pay for multiplayer support. Infinity Ward’s narrative director, Taylor Kurosaki says that no one at IF was pushing for this decision.

Fans are understandably upset over the news, though Taylor Kurosaki answered a fan on Twitter, saying that the Survival Campaign is just 1% of the game and the rest of the 99% will be available to play, “simultaneous day and date across all platforms.”

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