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25 September, 2019

It’s Finally Here: Gmail and Instagram are Rolling out with a Dark Theme!

Gmail and at last - Instagram are here to join the Dark Mode club.

Everybody loves the dark theme, and it’s almost here on two of our most-used apps; Gmail and Instagram. The dark mode is popular among the users since it helps save the battery and also because of the simple reason that it puts less strain on the eyes.


Both Google and Apple have launched system-wide settings that allow you to set a dark theme to your device, in the iOS 13 and Android 10 OS versions. With these settings enabled on your Android or iOS device, your Gmail would automatically adapt to the dark theme.  

Google highlighted last year that OLED screen devices significantly save battery when on dark mode. Using Google Maps on the dark theme saved 63% of the device’s battery usage compared to the simple theme. Hence, on the Pixel devices, if your phone is on battery saver, Gmail will default to its dark theme.

Android users can activate the dark theme by going to Settings > Theme and choosing ‘Dark’.

iPhone users on iOS 11 and 12 can follow the same instructions in the Gmail app.


Gone are the days when you were suddenly hit by a glaring beam of white light called Instagram when you opened it; especially after being used to the dark mode. The dark mode is one of the MOST requested features on Instagram and it’s finally here!

The new update answers to various complaints from the users and comes with a brand-new dark look.

Instagram hasn’t messed with its design much, the images and media look the same and icon colors are as they were before. The only change (A VERY NEEDED ONE) was the bright white background which has been swapped with a significantly darker background whether it’s the feed, stories, IGTV or the direct messages.

You need to be on the latest version of Android and iOS. To get the dark theme, you need the latest version of Instagram and have the dark theme activated in the device’s settings.

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