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16 January, 2020

Mario Kart Ice Tour Begins! Brace Yourself For an Icy Challenge

With another year comes a new tour in Mario Kart Tour; Mario Kart Ice. You will be getting plenty of stuff to play with, including the new karts, skins, and gliders along with brand new maps. Its the same thing in each tour, but this time you can use the frost to your advantage to slide the other players away from the finish line.

You will be getting four new karts, two new courses, and three new gliders. With each new tour, you get a set of new stars, challenges, and fans.

Penguin Luigi and Wintertime Peach are the stars of the Ice Tour. You can get these drivers only when the event is in session, so don't miss out on getting your hands on them. You will even get to see Ice Mario but he might not rotate to the final part of the event. He will stay as a regular high-end racer.

Between the two, Wintertime Peach will be the first one you can get your hands on in Mario Kart Ice. Later on, you will get access to Penguin Luigi, so you don't have to get both of these at the same time. Penguin Luigi and Ice Mario are also coming with the new Ice Flower item, you don't want to miss that.

Frappe Snowland from the N64 and Vanilla Lake 1 from the SNES will also be coming along on this tour. Both tracks are extremely amazing but promise a certain threat of danger towards the drivers. In the new karts, you can expect to see the P-Wing, Blue Seven, Ice-blue Poltergust and Glided Prancer. These karts make the icy race tracks even more fun as they test the best of the best drivers.

The Blizzard Balloons, Gold Swooper, and the Blizzard parasol have been introduced as the new gliders. If you have a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass Subscription then you can get an exclusive Gold Swooper glider and the Black B Dasher kart as your ice tour gifts. And if you are not a subscriber then even you will get a Shy Guy as a tour gift.

The Mario Kart Ice Tour event is running now! till the 28th of January 2020. You can get Mario Kart for free on iOS and Android. Even if it is on mobile, it is still considered the legit Mario Kart experience despite the appearance.

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