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14 January, 2020

This New And Redesigned Facebook Theme Comes With A Dark Mode

Dark Mode Everything?

Image from: 9to5mac

Last year in April, Facebook made an announcement that they were planning on redesigning their entire web interface. Now, the time is close for the final design to roll out, but just to limited users. Currently, the ones that can access it can do so only on an invite-only basis. 

This news was first covered by CNET, which cleared up that the new interface would be available to a select number of users. But worry not, the rest of us will be getting full access as soon as April 2020. The Facebook company is calling the design; The New Facebook'.

According to the report, 'The New Facebook' is coming with the dark mode. Once a user logs in, they can choose the background of the website to either be bright and white or dark and lowkey. This is much similar to how many of the other apps have integrated the 'dark mode' into their user interface whether they be on Android or iOS devices. The current 'invited' users can give their feedback to the company, helping them decide what changes should be made for the better good. 

Along with the dark mode, there are other features that come with 'The New Facebook'. You will get vertical sidebars and a navigation bar, the normal view mode will be easier to use and brighter. You can expect the redesign to roll out to all of the users by April 2020.   

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