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30 March, 2020

10 Ways on How To Be More Productive in Quarantine - Tackling Self Isolation Like a Champ

things to do for a productive day at home quarantine

If you are freaking out in the quarantine period of time during the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is with you. Almost all of us, myself included, are in a state of low-key anxiety that we just can’t shake off. Everywhere, people are trying to at least spend forty days in quarantine to keep themselves safe from such infectious diseases– which is a LOT more than we would have ever imagined. Apart from groceries and concerns about food or medication – I’m pretty sure you’re itching to find something to do with your spare time, right? Fortunately, for you, I’ve got 10 things to do for a productive day at home, and I’ve got them right here in this article.

Yeah sure, everyone wants fun things to do at home when bored – but that doesn’t go on all the time does it? As a human being, you need to find something productive to do – because naturally, when you get things done, it makes you feel great about yourself. That positivity is all and everything you need to beat all the anxiety and stress that’s accumulating in your mind. So, let’s talk about productive things to do at home while you’re stuck in quarantine!

Start making your quarantine productive:

1.            Pick up on neglected hobbies

pick up hobbies in quarantine
You definitely have a hobby but it faded away as your life got busier. Think about it! You probably were good at playing the piano, or a guitar, or you had a talent for drawing, or you had a good story to write but never got the chance – well, being in quarantine is your chance!

You can take guidance about anything on the internet so don’t worry if you are thinking, “but I don’t remember how to do that anymore :( “. Just take the first step and it will all come back to you! Start polishing your hobby and at the same time help prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

2.            Give your computer a cleanup

computer cleanup during quarantine
It’s one of the most underrated productive things to do on the computer! It doesn’t sound like much, but it is. You’ve always wanted to go through all the stuff you’ve had on your computer but the thought always crossed your mind while you were busy doing work – well you’re in quarantine to counter the spread of the disease and not so busy right now.

3.            Start a garden

Gardening during coronavirus quarantine
Starting a garden might be the most calming when it comes to productive things to do in quarantine and isolation. Make a plan for a backyard garden. If you don’t have a backyard you can easily make DIY plant pots at home! It might be difficult to get a few supplies while you’re in quarantine, but with all the work done you can get the hardest bits out of the way!

4.            DIY projects

DIY during coronavirus quarantine
The longer you’ve been at home because of quarantine, the more you’ve realized the work that needs to be done. With all the quarantine time at your hands, you can easily make a to-do list of all the things that need doing and plan them. Whether it's drilling a hole in the wall to hang a painting or making decorative pieces for your desk, DIY tasks are fantastic productive things to do at home whether they are being done by a child, teenager or an adult.

5.            Learn a new skill

learn something new during coronavirus quarantine

You need something to keep your mind stimulated while in quarantine, and the best way to do that is to learn something new. You can do that easily online! There are tons of courses that are offered on the web which are great productive things to do online.

This blog here from Lifehack shares a lot of sources for online courses that can easily teach you something new within a short amount of time. You can learn skills like graphic design, writing, online marketing and more!

6.            Find ways to work from home

earn from home during coronavirus quarantine
Some of you probably have jobs that have shifted to a WFH (work from home) format, but those of you who don’t are confused about what to do – put your new skills to good use! Use your quarantine time to earn extra income during free time.

You can do this is a lot of ways. Visit freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork to showcase your skills. For a long-term approach, you can start a blog or a YouTube channel – which can be really fun! You wouldn’t even realize how time will pass once you set your foot in this domain.

7.            Get cooking in the kitchen

cook in the kitchen during coronavirus quarantine
One of the biggest letdowns of self-isolating in quarantine is that you cannot eat out at your favorite restaurant. But the bright side to that is, you now have the perfect time to practice your hidden culinary skills!

Never be afraid of the kitchen! Its only natural that you would make one or two bad dishes – but once you go through that phase you will definitely start making delicious snacks. Home cooking is a great way to spend time and bring together the entire family. 

8.            Go Tour a Museum

musem virtual tour during coronavirus quarantine
Yeah, really – but not a physical tour. Most of the galleries and museums are temporarily locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can still tour them virtually. This falls directly on the list of the most informative and educational things to do when bored. While in quarantine, you can take your kids to a tour of the National Gallery and check out the incredible artwork as you get your children to learn history. Just like that, you can visit the British Museum or the Smithsonian Museum and a lot more!

9.            Update your resume

update your resume during coronavirus quarantine
A resume is used by everyone in almost every profession. We usually make it when we’re fresh out of college or have accomplished something that definitely needs to be in the resume. Unfortunately, when life hits and you get busy, you barely get any time to update your resume. Think about it, you certainly have done a lot more since the last time you updated your resume. Utilize your quarantine time to update your resume with your freshest achievements that are sure to catch the eye of your next employer!

10.          Catch up with your work contacts

catch up with your contacts during coronavirus quarantine
Similar to you, many people are working from home and are going to be for a little time. This is a great chance for you to check in with the people that you’ve been meaning to catch up to. This can be to either discuss something work-related or just to make your relations better. Checking up on people for their safety and health in quarantine is a good thing and it helps you stay on the radar of those you work with.

BONUS TIP: Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health!

Always remember why you are doing all those productive things to do at home in quarantine – it’s to make you feel good! But anyone who has worked from home knows that it is not as easy as the name suggests. It means you have to discipline yourself and focus, in your ordinary surroundings. With the right approach, you maximize productivity and reduce stress. Here are three ways:

  • Create a planHaving a routine helps our brain work better. It can then easily separate work time from fun time which results in a lower amount of stress.
  • Do it smart Take the “work smarter, not harder” approach. Think of the most important thing to be the most important thing.
  • Take care of yourselfDuring stressful times like these, taking care of yourself becomes the top priority. But that doesn’t mean just keeping up physically by drinking more water, eating healthy, washing your hands and exercising. It also means to sit with the family, talk to your friends and have fun times so that your emotional and mental health stays in check.


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