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31 May, 2020

Top 6 Best Nose Trimmer Reviews and Buying Guide

Grooming has become essential in the modern era and your grooming kit is incomplete without the best nose trimmer. In today’s world, it is critical for anyone to maintain a pleasant appearance. Not only you look attractive but it also has a positive impression on other people regarding your personality.

Nose and ear hair removal is as important as your beard or mustache hair. Particularly, the nose hair tends to attract more dust and ultimately you need a good nose hair trimmer to get rid of them. While they may not bother you to a great extent, the problem is that a hair sticking out of your nose can damage your confidence to a great extent. Therefore, proper maintenance is important, and if you pay attention to your grooming you need a good nose and ear hair trimmer to help you.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the best nose trimmers that can help you in getting rid of the irritating nose hair.

    Our Picks for The Best Nose Trimmer

    Like many other products in the market, nose trimmers come with a decent variation. The diversity is present to address the needs of different people. So, we have picked 6 products with extreme caution, assuring that they have all the potential to be the best nose hair trimmer, to assist you in making the right choice.

    1.    Wahl Groomsman All in One Hair Trimmer 5622

    Wahl is amongst the leading manufacturers when we talk about the grooming and trimming products. They have the ability to produce some great products from their manufacturing lines and this trimmer is a prime example of it. The Wahl Groomsman 5622 hair trimmer can help you in trimming your beard, mustache, hair, and nose hair.

    The product comes with multiple attachments. You have a metal grey hair trimmer that has all the ability to trim your hair flawlessly. However, a few things certainly depend on how good you are when it comes to moving the trimmer here and there. Then, there is a nose hair remover which is there to trim your nose hair. With precise blades and smooth cuts, getting rid of unwanted hair is no more a problem with Wahl Groomsman All in One Hair Trimmer.

    There is a small toggle switch on the side which allows you to turn on and off your trimmer with ease. The trimmer operates on a AA battery and the maintenance is no more a problem for you as the head is removable.

    Key features
    ·         Comes with a removable and easy to clean head
    ·         Can operate on a voltage of 110V to 220V
    ·         Clean and precise cuts from its stainless steel blades
    ·         All in one trimmer for your beard, mustache, hair, and nose hair

    2.    Philips Norelco 5100 Nose Hair Trimmer

    Whenever we talk about electronics, Philips is a brand that has a strong reputation behind it. Any list of electronic brands that are popular across the globe won’t be complete without the name of Philips. Among an array of products that the company produces we also have some pretty good trimmers. The Norelco 5100 nose trimmer is made to make a quick work of your nose trimming and save you a lot of time and hassle.

    Norelco 5100 features a dual-tone body, black and metallic grey, and a wide range of accessories. You get a nose trimmer, 3mm and 5mm eyebrow combs, and a detail trimmer. Moreover, there is a soft pouch which makes it easy to carry, and a AA battery for its operations.

    For performance, you have sharp blades that feature a dual cut technology. After each use, you can simply run them under the water for removing any hair that has stuck during trimming. Apart from the clean cuts and simple, sleek usage, the Norelco 5100 is likable for its longevity, quiet functioning, and usefulness.

    Key features
    ·         Comes with different accessories including a battery, brush, and soft pouch
    ·         You can also use it for your beard, mustache, and sideburns
    ·         Classic dual-tone design
    ·         Safe trimming with Philips ProtecTube technology

    3.    Hecare Star 3 in 1

    Hecare might not be a brand that you have heard a lot about but it certainly has come up with some pretty decent products in the market. While the price may seem a touch higher to many people, the trimmer is probably worth the money. There is a solid build and sturdy feel to it and you get two additional heads with the nose trimmer, one for your beard and other for your eyebrows.

    The trimmer has a decent stand that you can put on your bathroom shelf without any trouble. Moreover, the heads are washable and you can clean them easily by detaching and running water through them. The durability of this trimmer comes from its stainless steel body and its AA battery holds enough power to give you a good trim.

    Considering its construction, the trimmer is likely to last for a long time and with interchangeable heads the usability is enhanced to a great extent, making the product worthy of your money.

    Key features:
    ·         Comes with 3 interchangeable heads for trimming nose hair, eyebrows, and beard
    ·         IPX7 water-resistant and easy to clean without rusting
    ·         360-degree rotary high-speed dual blade movement
    ·         Manufacturer offers one year warranty

    4.    Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer

    Another product from the Philips Norelco line is this Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer. The product is great for precisely trimming your nose hair and has an astonishing black design. The dual side blade movement makes it easy for you to go through tight spaces and trim your hair without much trouble. Moreover, there is a small knob that powers up your trimmer and the minimalistic look makes it a heart favorite.

    The dual-sided blade is likely to fit perfectly in your nose and give you a good trimming. One of the biggest reasons why people prefer Philips trimmers is because of the flexibility of its shaving heads. You can maneuver the trimmer head at about 32 degrees, giving you better control as you trim your nose hair.

    Also, you get an eyebrow trimmer in the package which offers you a trim of 2mm and 4mm. There is a AA battery included in the package which will last for a decent time. And if you are not convinced to buy this product yet, there is a 2-year worldwide guarantee from the manufacturer.

    Key features
    ·         Rubber grip for better control
    ·         Flexible head with 32 degrees movement
    ·         Dual-sided blade
    ·         2-year worldwide warranty

    5.    Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Hair trimmer

    Looking for a simple and sleek nose hair trimmer that comes with an inexpensive price tag? Try Panasonic ER-GN30-K. The trimmer operates on a non-rechargeable AA battery which is likely to last for around 90 minutes. Therefore, you can use it for trimming for about 30 to 40 times without worrying to replace the battery.

    While people take it mainly as the best nose trimmer, you can use it for a number of other purposes. If you take a look at it, it is a detail trimmer. Therefore, you can use it for ear hair removal, beard detailing, and mustache detailing. Another thing that makes this machine stand out is its waterproofing. It is watertight and you can use it in the shower and on the go in your sink.

    For the performance, you get a dual-edge, curved, hypoallergenic blades that can trim hair from all the sides and tough corners without any problem. What else? The wetness comes into play because of the rotating blades, making it easy to remove hair from the tissue, allowing you to do the job in a matter of seconds.  

    Key features
    ·         Simple maintenance with its vortex cleaning system
    ·         Used on wet and dry skin alike
    ·         Curved rotating blades to make a quick work of your nose hair trimming
    ·         Hypoallergenic blades to eliminate any irritation while trimming

    6.    Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer

    A pocket nose trimmer that looks more like a get pen, the Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer fits the name perfectly. It is small and compact but can function as good as any other top-notch nose hair trimmer in the market. The product comes with an anodized aluminum dark grey body and gives the appearance of a jumbo pen. With the power button residing in the middle of the item, opening the cap will give you access to the detail trimmer.

    The small size is great for reaching out to areas where regular trimmers won’t approach. Moreover, there are carbon blades to help you trim, assuring that you won’t get hurt during the proceedings. Also, the water resistance makes it easier for you to operate the trimmer as you take a bath. The package includes an eyebrow trimmer as well for better grooming and detailing.

    Apart from the design and operations, the affordability of this trimmer is another reason why you may want to prefer it over other options in the market.

    Key features
    ·         Great trimmer for nose, ear, sideburn, and other detailing
    ·         Anodized aluminum body and AAA battery operation
    ·         Features detachable heads for easy cleaning
    ·         Water-resistant, can be used while taking a shower

    Buying Guide:

    How to choose the best nose trimmer?

    Before you make your choice for a nose hair trimmer, it is important to know what to consider when buying it. With so many products in the market, it is of no surprise that you might be lured into making a wrong choice. Therefore, keep your eyes at the following features when you are selecting a nose or ear hair trimmer.


    It is important to know about different types of blades and which one works the best. Usually, blades vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and everyone uses their technology in manufacturing their trimmers. Generally, the dual-sided or double-edged blades would work best for trimming your hair. They won’t pull them out which is one of the biggest causes of pain that individuals experience while trimming their hair. So, to avoid the discomfort and make trimming fairly easy, you should consider a dual-sided blade.


    LED lights can help you to a great deal and are very useful in avoiding any cuts or marks are you trim. To stop you from damaging your skin, the LED light intensifies as you put more pressure on your skin with the trimmer. Therefore, you’ll get to know when to stop. Moreover, in certain cases, LEDs offer great help for noticing all the hair and trimming tight spaces.


    It is important to know what kind of trimmer you are using and how it is going to operate. Usually, you will get trimmers that work on rechargeable batteries. Some models will offer you an option to either use a double battery or put the trimmer on charge before you operate. However, still, a few products exist that are very good at trimming but feature a non-rechargeable battery. But the thing is that not all people prefer rechargeable models because you don’t always have an outlet around. So, in the end, it is all a matter of preference.

    Attachments and accessories

    Attachments and accessories can make your life very easy. Most of the nose trimmers are known for detailing. So, you can use them in many different ways. From removing your nose and ear hair to detailing your beard and mustache, you can do a few different things with it.

    Most of the time, you will get a trimmer with eyebrow attachment. In certain cases, the manufacturer may offer you a blade to deal with your beard. From an all in one product like the Wahl listed above to dedicated nose hair removers like Panasonic in our list, you have all the variations in the market. But, it certainly has an impact on the price.


    Not all the trimmers are waterproof. Therefore, you need to be very careful with the handling of your machines. When choosing a trimmer, if you like to do the job as you take a shower, you should choose the options that are water-resistant and can be operated underwater. The blades of these products won’t rust and you can easily clean them by running water through the tips.


    Well, price is something that matters for every product. Some individuals would be on a tight budget and may look up to the best nose trimmer under $30 and some may want to go for trimmers under $50 or $100. So, this is about how much you can spend and what are your restraints. Regardless of the price, make sure that the trimmer is up to the mark and satisfies your needs.


    It is likely that a few questions regarding nose hair trimming and trimmer may pop up in your mind. Some commonly asked queries include:

    How often to trim nose hair?

    The growth rate of hair is around five to six inches per year. Whether it is nose hair or the one on your head, the growth rate stays all the same. So, considering this, you will be required to trim your nose hair every two weeks or so. A few factors tend to impact hair growth such as race, diet, etc. However, the time required between the two trims is pretty unlikely to vary a great deal. Just trim the nose hair and note how long before you feel the need to do your next trim and use it as a guide for the future.

    Is nose trimming a painful process?

    Well, it depends on how good you are. If you have got the best nose trimmer and know how to use it appropriately, the trimming process becomes painless and pretty simple. However, if you don’t know how to use the trimmer appropriately, things may become difficult for you. Just make sure that you use good light to make things visible and a mirror to see what you are doing. Don’t forget to read the trimmer usage instructions and keep the shaving head clean.

    Is there anything special to maintain a nose trimmer?

    The maintenance of nose trimmer or any other hair trimmer is fairly simple. Cleaning the blades appropriately and paying attention to the battery is all that is required of you by most hair trimmers. Take a good look at the manual and you’ll get to know when and how you should clean the head. Also, avoid using wet blades until your trimmer is usable wet and dry alike.

    Final words

    So, these are a few choices for the best nose trimmer and how to make the right choice. Grooming is critical in the modern era because how you look determines a good deal of your personality. Moreover, it is not just about the appearance, many of the things you do related to the grooming have serious health benefits. The given products are chosen with care and are likely to address your trimming requirements to a great extent. Be sure to assess your needs and select the product that suits you the most.


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