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01 June, 2020

5 Best Body Groomers and How to Use Them for a Smooth Look

The best body groomer for men 2020: for a look that's smooth ...
Do you want to have a charismatic personality? Let’s try some of the best body groomer products summarized below. In this fast-forward era of technology, everyone wants to look nice and be under the spotlight. In order to enhance their personality and style, people use body groomers as they have the power to change the appearance of anyone.

    A question arises. How people make assumptions about you? Apparently, they do this via observation of the fashion and grooming sense because this imparts a bold impression of you that matters in the first meeting. It casts an optimistic impact on others. As outer shell matters a lot, so carry on grooming.

    The What and Why of Body Grooming

    If we talk about the ground cause behind body grooming or why is it essential or what kind of bang it has on the lives, there are many reasons why you must pay attention to it. Below are a few points which highlight its importance.

    • It shows an individual extra organized
    • Helps the person to remain up-to-date
    • Keeps the person neat and clean
    • Facilitate the person to stay fit

    Most people are somehow perplexed in understanding the meaning of Grooming. Let’s spot what grooming really is? It is a mantra that does not merely depend on the action as it makes your personality shines brighter than ever. Basically, it points attention to the cleaning of the body whenever required. The domain of grooming is very vast. It includes proper haircut, shave, trimming of unnecessary hair, wax, perfume usage, taking proper care of hair and skin through the use of related products. The list does not end here. It includes many more factors. And most importantly, it has no specific boundaries. It has a vast domain as mentioned earlier. So, it is not restricted to only skincare or bathing, rather it involves all other aspects which groom the personality.

    Best Body Groomers And Their Application:

    As mentioned earlier body groomers are now part of every layman's life and its daily regimes. These products are necessary, but choosing the right one wisely is important. For instance, our markets are full of advanced body trimmers, and opting for a better one is rather difficult. Clearly, the right body groomer will enhance your personality and whole-body approach. I jotted down a list of a few body groomers which will assist you in purchasing the right one.


    Norelco Body Groom product series has all the comfortable and advanced tools that assist in giving a smooth finish.

    It’s a very difficult task to describe the features of a trimmer especially PHILIPS NORELCO BODYGROOM SERIES 7030, BG7030/49 because it has many specs that make it novel.

    Starting from scratch, its best feature is that it has a dual-heads for shaving purposes. The two shaving heads work differently depending on their assigned task. One head is used for cutting hair completely as it cuts to the skin level. The other one allows trimming of hair according to the individual choices because it has an adjustable trimmer. Most importantly, you can use any one of the shaving heads according to your need while using Philips Norelco Body Groom series 7030. This body groomer product helps a lot in the grooming of an individual.

    Shaving the head by this body groomer is very comfortable because it pivots in all directions to make the trimming easy. As the blades are round-shaped that allows making safe contact with the skin because with other body groomers you will surely experience nicks and cuts. It can be utilized by every part of our body. 

    This trimmer is water-proof; by using it you can easily shave in or out of the shower. The cleaning process of this trimmer is very easy i.e. you just have to wash it with simple water properly after using it.

    It contains a separate a small traveling bag for trimmer along with a cleaning brush. Not only this, but it also offers a 5-years warranty.


    It can be used by every part of our body as it has dual-heads for shaving.
    A 5-years warranty


    The weight of trimmer is a bit more compared to other trimmers that cause difficulty in carrying it.


    Are you the one who just started doing shaving and trimming i.e. beginner? Then, don’t waste a single second and opt for this trimmer. As it is dermatological approved and tested.

    Its blades are advanced i.e. slim, easy to use, and very comfortable. Due to its comfort feature, you can use it on the face and have sharp and excellent finishing touches.

    Pro glide styler is water-proof; you can shave your face or body with or without using water.
    Not only this, but it also opts for three combs which assist in contouring and consistent length of hairs. These combs are designed for different lengths of hair. So, opt for the brush according to the length of hairs.

    With the assistance of this trimmer, you can shave your hair easily or trim them according to your choice.

    This trimmer is powered by Braun motor. And they are among the top list shaving manufacturers of the world.


    Adaptable three combs 
    High tech Braun motor


    Not best suited for long hairs


    Do you want to opt for the best body trimmer? Woah! Then you are reading the description of the right product. This product will fill your requirements and will assist you in body grooming.

    It is an all-round trimmer compared to others, as its blade lasts long due to self-sharpening and surgical steel blades feature. This long-lasting feature of blades appeals to a lot of people.  And most importantly it has a lithium battery with long-running battery timing.

    Not only this, but it also has body hair attachment which has a vertical trimmer attached to it along with three combs. For beard and stubble, it contains separate combs, which make the trimming easy for a person.

    Moving ahead, it has a full-sized trimmer which assists in trimming off the neckline hairs, side buns extra hair, and annoying hairs of the face.

    Do you want to get rid of annoying hairs of nose and ear? Then opt for this product trimmer specifically made for nose and ear. As this product has a diverse range of trimmers; for styling your hair and cutting them precisely, it gave you an eight-length hair clipped comb.

    The story does not end here, with this product you will get charging stand that will make charging easy and comfortable for you.


    Long-lasting and safe blades


    For beard trimming, it is not appropriate

    4.      BAKblade 2.0 Hair Removal And Body Shaver

    Are you looking for a cheap and comfortable men's body shaver? No worries, because this product is for you, opt for this product and make your life easy. It has a curved handle which makes the shaving much easier.

    By using this tool, you can easily shave your back without facing any inconvenience. Its flexible blades adjust themselves according to the patterns of back and prevent an individual from nicks and cuts. It removes the dense hair without leaving any sort of stubble.

    And most importantly, it is water-resistant, so it does not get rust. But keep it in mind to change the blade after 5-6 shaves. It comes with a warranty of 60 days.


    Best for removing hair from the back


    Replacement of blade after 5-6 shaves

    5.     Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver

    Gillette's name is more than enough because it has been manufacturing shaving products for ages. Braun’s advanced body-grooming Cruzer 5 combines with Gillette’s shaver tech. By this, its features enhance and provide more comfort to the users than expected.

    As all trimmers have two modes; one for shaving and other for trimming but it has additional advance mode by which you can trim and shave at the same time with only one stroke.

    The razor is highly designed by the Gillette wet shave fusion system, which prevents an individual from all sorts of irritations.

    You can use the trimmer in sensitive areas as it will give you the best results. Because it is highly designed with smaller teeth compared to other body groomers. The small teeth will allow you to remove hair with fewer nicks and cuts.

    It gives you three different trimming combs which you can opt for according to the length of hairs. Its use is very effortless; by just using the finger you can switch between shaving and trimming mode. But the combination mode allows trimming of hair first and then it moves towards the shaving process. It saves a lot of time.

    If you look like a beast (as in beauty and the beast) it will maximum take 50 minutes for grooming? Other than that, it will take less time compared to other body groomers.


    Long-running battery timing


    Replacement of manual blade after one month

    How to do trimming?

    Mostly boys opt for a stubble rather than removing their hair completely. As it requires very little maintenance and also lessens the chance of having skin irritation. I penned down the method to do trimming at home; I hope it will help you.

    Initially, dry your hair because it is an arduous task to trim wet hairs as they stick to the trimmer and make the process difficult.

    Then choose the comb according to the length of your hair. And don’t forget to stretch your skin before trimming, as this action will make the trimming easier.

    Always trim in the opposite direction of your hair growth, this will allow the hair to fit perfectly in the comb. And will make it easier for the blade to cut down.

    Last but not the least, if you want to have neat and organized hair, re-trim them often. Because unruly hair will dull your personality and make you look dull and sluggish.

    A Few Tips Regarding Male Grooming:

    If you want to leave a strong impact on the person you are going to meet in a meeting, come follow these tips to groom your personality.

    Remove unwanted hair from nose

    To cast a bold impression on others never forget to remove the sticky unwanted hair from your nose. Because hair sneaking out from the nose looks weird. And to avoid yourself and others from inconvenience, trim your nose hairs as a daily care ritual.

    Try to get rid of the foul mouth smell

    If your mouth smells bad, then you will lose the impression all of a sudden. No matter how beautiful you might look, your breath stink is everything.

    To avoid this, try to lessen the intake of coffee and smoking. And most importantly, try to use floss once in the whole day and brush your teeth regularly. These tips will surely help you in getting rid of the bad smell of mouth.

    Find a solution to eradicate all dandruff from life

    A bit of dandruff on your shoulder depicts a bad personality along with zero grooming sense. To eradicate this evil from your life, use an anti-dandruff shampoo.

    If a shampoo does not work for you, then consult your doctor. Try brushing your hair more often, as it will also assist you in eradicating this evil; this is a home-based remedy. Use this home-based remedy if dandruff is not severe; otherwise, consult the doctor as soon as possible before it’s too late.

    Avoid using ladies products

    Most of the time men use girl products like perfume or lotion intentionally or unintentionally. Typically, in a hurry or when getting late from the office. Even though if you have less time, avoid using the girls’ products because it will make your impression dull. And you will smell like a lady, which is quite embarrassing for a man.

    Clip off your nails

    Want to impress the ladies? Then trim your nails as soon as possible because girls usually are not into boys who have long nails. Long nails are associated with girls. So, make sure to clip them off to avoid any type of sarcasm towards you.

    Successful Men And Grooming Are Interrelated:

    Mostly you read this line ‘it’s what on the inside that matters’. And you only get one chance to make a bold impression. That’s really why how your appearance in front of others matters. In most cases, only your appearance can attract the attention of others.

    I jotted down a few facts about why groomed men ratio of success is more.

    High confidence level:

    This is a reality that well-groomed men are more confident than sluggish people. They are more aware of their potential. Because they know they are looking perfect, which boosts them up.

    We know very well how much importance confidence holds in our social, domestic, and office lives. Confidence is the key to success in every aspect of life.

    A confident man will never lose control and has diverse instincts that make him unique and task-oriented.

    Self-esteem display

    A Confident man can tackle an arduous task by keeping his self-esteem high. Self-esteem matters a lot because if you have confidence in your abilities you can do everything. But if you are lacking confidence, then you cannot even take a single step.

    High self-esteem plays a vital role in grooming the career of an individual. As people do not hire the one who has doubts about his/her abilities. And a well-groomed person is preferred more.

    Enhancement of physical attractiveness

    It is the human psyche to get attracted towards the things that are more attractive and appealing. The same phenomenon is followed in a relationship. Most people want to grow relationships with attractive and beautiful people.                      
    When a man is well-groomed, there are more chances that he will be preferred among others. He will opt for long way rewards in his career just because of his better dressing sense and grooming.

    Mature look

    Mature looking men have more ratio of success than others. As they carry a bucket of wisdom with them.

    Well-groomed men gain the advantage of their grooming as they don’t look too old or too young; they are in between the circle.  In between the circle means mature enough. That is why they are preferred at job places and hired by the organization mainly because of their grooming sense.

    Dominant in the crowd

    As the well-groomed person shows a positive attitude and high self-esteem so they stand out in the crowd. And attracts the attention of most people this fact is true in all the environments i.e. office, house, and social interaction.

    As the world is full of competition, so it is important to cast a bold impression to get a high rank. You know what? Only well-groomed men can cast a solid impression on others. As they are capable of standing out in a crowd and have more probability of getting a high-reward position. 

    Best fit into a good organization

    Most high ranked organizations prefer people who are well-dressed and have high self-esteem. These two things matter a lot in getting a position among the competitors. As they will make you stand out in a crowd elegantly.

    So to get best adapted in the environments groom yourself as much as you can. And most importantly enhance your dressing sense, as the trends change with time.


    In a nutshell, personal grooming is not enough to gain success but it plays a vital role in easing the path of success. Sometimes ignorance of minor grooming steps just because of sluggish and procrastination nature will lead to a big disaster in your career. So opt for best body groomers to stand out in a crowd.


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