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07 July, 2020

Top 15 Best Beard Growth Oil and Beard Conditioners Handpicked for Your Beard

Looking for the best beard growth oil and beard conditioner? These particular grooming products are taking over the market with a blast. With each passing day, new and better items are introduced in the market that makes it more difficult for buyers to pick the right one. With the latest processing and better formulas, there is a huge improvement in the effectiveness of grooming products.

However, how will you make the selection for your beard growth oil? Many people don’t know where to buy beard oil and beard butter and how much beard oil to use. So, we are going to address all this and much more for you in this buying guide about the best beard conditioner and beard growth oil.

    What is the best beard growth oil?

    Individuals who care about their beard see a good beard oil as a necessity. It is excellent if you are looking to attain and soft and shiny beard. It gives the scented and silky touch to it, making beard healthier and better looking. People who are new to beard growth may wish to shy away from it. You can check out our extensive guide on how to grow a thicker beard right here. However, if you are using beard oil on a regular basis, your beard maintenance becomes fairly easy.
    There are three primary ingredients in any beard oil. You’ll find vitamin e along with a blend of carrier oils and essential oils. The former type of oils are for forming the base and you’ll find jojoba oil as a carrier in most of the products. As for the latter type, they blend to perform the ‘magic’ that brands claim about.

    As for vitamin e, it has a ton of skin benefits.

    What is a beard conditioner?

    On the other hand, we beard conditioner. It is a product that helps in softening and managing your beard. Generally, as you shampoo your beard, the conditioner follows it and shall be washed out from your beard appropriately. Although most beard conditioners aren’t as easy to use as the leave-in conditioners, beard butter, or beard oils, they are still very helpful.

    What else makes it different is the inclusion of ingredients that aren’t all-natural. While much of it is composed of natural products, it still has a few items that won’t come from the natural category. However, the fact that it can give you a softer and silkier beard, improving its texture and locking in moisturizers, can make it a favorite of many people.

    The conditioners come with a ton of different ingredients, depending on the manufacturer, and can also help in getting rid of the dryness of the skin, beardruff, and itching.

    Our picks for the best beard growth oil

    Don’t worry about where to buy beard oil as we are here to help. The market is full of products from different vendors and after doing a careful filtration we have come up with the following items that can be the best beard growth oil for you.

       1. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner

    Viking is a popular brand for male grooming products and they have come up with this wonderful beard growth oil for a very reasonable price. The product given to you is completely organic and can be used on sensitive skin without any worry. This beard oil will help you in getting rid of the most common and irritating problems pertaining to beard i.e. itching, dryness, and scratchiness.
    If you are a person working outside and the surrounding environment is harsh, the beard tends to get dry. Especially, individuals who work in low-temperature conditions find it hard to get rid of the dryness. However, the use of this beard oil will solve the problems for you.


    • Completely organic and natural
    • Safe to use for hair and skin
    • Great for dryness and itchiness
    • Satisfaction guarantee (100% refund)
    • Scent-free to avoid scent clash

       2. Brickell 1 oz Beard Oil for Men

    Another great oil that can be highly beneficial for your beard is the Brickell 1 oz beard Oil. It is an all-natural oil that comes with algae extract and vitamin e. Also, there are a few different moisturizers in it that will give your beard a lively and shiny look. One thing that you have to be aware of is the scent. Although the smell is nice and solid, it may clash with your other scents.
    The oil is great for individuals who are going through the first four weeks of beard growth. Here, things can be harsh and itchy. So, Brickell can be your go-to oil in this phase.


    • Great for softening and conditioning the beard
    • Work for adults of all age
    • All-natural oils
    • Includes vitamin e, algae extract, jojoba oil, 85% organic

       3. Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil

    Mountaineer Brand gives you a ton of beard products that are worthy of your investment. The beard oil gives you an itch-free and confident beard that boosts your personality and moral. Also, they make decent efforts to assure that there is no unpleasant odor coming from your beard after you apply the oil. However, there is a good light scent in it that comes from eucalyptus, fir needles, and cedarwood.

    The 2-ounce bottle comes with handmade natural oils. It has a great blend and works stunningly well on flaking and itching. Another problem that many men encounter when using beard oils is the greasiness but this won’t be an issue with Mountaineer Brand.


    • 2-ounce fluid
    • Handmade blend
    • All-natural oils
    • Great for itching and flaking
    • Provides right skin hydrating
    • Comes with a light wooden scent

       4. Leven Rose Beard Oil

    Want to get the best beard growth oil and beard conditioner in one? Well, consider this Leven Rose Beard Oil. It works are an unscented beard oil as well as a great leave-in conditioner. The product is likely to do a great job when it comes to moisturizing your skin. Moreover, the fact that there aren’t any artificial fragrances makes it a preferable option.

    Also, many products developed in this niche are tested on animals. However, Leven Rose has a clear policy regarding this and they don’t do any testing on animals for any products. Also, they assure that the oils included in their products are light and suitable for sensitive skin.


    • One of the best-rated beard growth oil
    • Only 2 ingredients, jojoba oil, and Moroccan argan oil
    • Don’t possess any artificial scents or filters
    • Quick soaking in bread
    • Also labeled as leave-in conditioner
    • 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product

       5. Bossman beard oil kit

    Here is the first kit in our list of best beard oils and this one comes from Bossman. It is a complete beard oiling solution that consists of a great beard oil, beard balm, and the magic scent. The bread oil is great for moisturizing your skin and giving you an itch-free and shiny looking beard. Balm, on the other hand, helps provide the minerals and moisturizers that are great for your bread health.

    As for the ‘magic scent’ from Bossman, it comes with a blend of different ingredients and can give your bread the smell that you seek.


    • Complete beard oil package
    • Jelly beard oil for moisturizing your beard
    • Beard balm, beard butter that traps the moisturizer and vitamins
    • Magic gold scent that comes with a blend of cedarwood and spruce oil

       6. Jack Black Oil

    Jack Black is a relatively new name in the market but the company has come up with some amazing men grooming products. Their beard oil is a little bit pricey but after using it for a while you will feel that it is worth the money. They provide you a 1 oz bottle that can comfort your sensitive skin, relieving it from all the irritation that a beard may cause.

    Moreover, the oil may produce a natural aroma. However, it is not strong enough to disturb your scent combination. Probably the thing that people may not like is the spray nozzle at the top compared to the dropper bottles that are commonly used in the market.


    • Contains essential oils and vitamins
    • No synthetic ingredients
    • Comes after dermatological testing
    • Great for sensitive skins
    • Appropriate for hydrating and styling your beard

       7. Baxter of California Beard Oil

    Whether you are looking to let your beard grow or it has come to a point where you style, shave and comb it, the Baxter beard oil will come in handy at all stages. It can work on the beard-dandruff, dry skin, and itchy cheeks, and can help you grow your bread fairly easily. The process will be smooth and will not bother you much. 

    The product carries different oils, along with vitamin e which is great for dry skins, and the formula is directed at reducing skin itchiness and dryness while allowing you to grow a healthy and confident beard.


    • Say goodbye to flakes and itchiness
    • Squalane and avocado mixture
    • Moisturize and conditions the beard
    • Vitamin E for healthy hair growth

       8. Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

    What makes Prophet and Tools Beard Oil stand out from the rest of the oils is its non-greasy application. The product will apply smoothly to your skin and beard and handles the beard problems rather effectively. With the ability to reduce the tangles and flakes while promoting healthy bread growth, this beard oil also carries a beard care eBook alongside to assist you. 

    Also, the package includes a nifty beard comb that will help you in styling the beard and making it look fine.


    • Protects beard hair from falling out
    • Makes beard hair healthy
    • Gives an e-book guide
    • Includes free comb
    • Makes your beard thicker and fuller
    • Adds shine and moisture

    Our picks for best beard conditioner

    Getting the best beard conditioner is likely to help you grow a good beard. Some people look to tame the fuzzy beard and want to get rid of the styling problems. If you are among such individuals, we suggest you get a good beard conditioner to throw away all your worries.

       1. Scotch Porter Brand Beard Conditioner

    There are many beard conditioners available in the market but some of them certainly stand out. When it comes to conditioners, people don’t generally expect all-natural products. They are looking towards a blend of different chemicals and natural extracts. However, the Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner is a blend of all-natural elements and provides thorough moisturizing and cleansing.

    The different ingredients include jojoba oil, argan oil, and shea butter to name a few. All these can help you in attaining a healthy beard, increasing longevity, and moisturizing it supremely.


    • All-natural ingredients
    • Great for cleansing and softening your beard
    • Hydrates your beard perfectly
    • Provides the necessary nourishment
    • Relieves dryness and promotes healthy beard growth

       2. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner

    Fan of beard butter? Looking to get the beard balm or a leave-in conditioner? Washing away the conditioner appropriately can be tough for some individuals. So, you can give yourself a try and get this leave-in beard conditioner. It works pretty efficiently to end the itching and bread-druff. You get a perfectly moisturized and shiny beard that shows all signs of healthiness and liveliness.


    • Made in the USA
    • Relieves itchiness and beard dandruff
    • Brings shine and liveliness to your beard
    • Great for moisturizing

       3. Bossman Fortify Beard Conditioner

    Unlike the regular beard conditioners, the Bossman beard conditioner will help in fortifying your beard, making it healthier and thicker. There are several things that you want your conditioner to do. One of the prominent ones includes targeting the hair and making your beard look fuller. If you got a patchy beard, we suggest you try out this Bossman Fortify Beard Conditioner, and, as per the reports of individuals who use it, you are very much likely to see improvement.

    The product comes with a ton of different ingredients to help you grow a healthy beard. You get Cetearyl alcohol and aloe, avocado oil, jojoba, and the favorite of many beard lovers, the beard butter in the form of Mango Butter. So, it is great at moisturizing your skin and hydrates it quickly, trapping the moisturizer, and enhancing the overall thickness of your beard to make it look fuller.


    • Great for patchy beards
    • Target the pores
    • Uses betaine which is hardly used by any other conditioner
    • A lively hammer scent
    • All-natural conditioner
    • Made in the USA, no animal testing

       4. Viking Brand Beard Wash & Conditioner Set

    We all know that a conditioner is to be used after you are done with a shampoo or beard wash. So, you will get great help from this set by Viking Revolution. The product comes with a beard wash that can help you in cleaning your beard effectively and getting rid of all the dust, moisturizing your hair, and preparing them for the moisturizer.

    Then, you can apply the Viking Revolution Beard Moisturizer that will help you in attaining the soothing effect and relieve your skin from itching. It also includes beard oils in it that will help you in giving your beard a shiny and solid look.


    • Complete conditioning kit
    • Includes Argan and Jojoba Oil
    • Deep cleaning and nourishment of your beard
    • Comes with natural bead oil
    • Gets rid of itching and irritation
    • Comes with a money-back guarantee

       5. ZEUS Brand Lime Scented Conditioner

    If you are looking towards a good smell, then you should try out the ZEUS brand lime-scented conditioner. The product comes with sandalwood and verbena lime that gives you a deep and masculine scent. However, it is not all about the smell, the way this product works to help you nourish your beard is equally great. One of the best things about this product is that it is not harsh at all on sensitive skin and prevents inflammation which can be a problem for many people.


    • Wash out beard conditioner
    • Comes with sandalwood and verbena lime scent
    • Free from any sulfate
    • 8 Oz package

       6. Clubman Pinaud 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner

    The Clubman Pinaud Beard Conditioner is amongst the best bets in the market. It is a great option for the individuals that are just starting with the men’s grooming products. The conditioner comes with a unique blend of different ingredients that include coconut oil, soy, and panthenol. As for the working, customers show satisfaction regarding the product, suggesting that it assists in getting rid of the beard-druff and minimizes/eliminates the itchiness.


    • 2 in 1 product, can be used for face as well as for beards
    • Ingredients include coconut oil, soy, and panthenol
    • Great budget option
    • Compact and travel-friendly packaging
    • Gives the beard a frizz-free look

       7. Polished Gentleman Beard Conditioner and Shampoo Set

    Polished Gentleman Beard Conditioner and Shampoo Set is another great choice for people who look towards a shampoo along with a conditioner. The combination carries tea tree oil and eucalyptus, both very helpful in improving the growth of beard hair. Considering this as amongst the best beard conditioner and shampoo sets, the results are indeed great.

    With peppermint, individuals who have patchy beards are going to benefit a lot. It will help you in filling the uneven spots and make your beard look fuller.


    • All-natural
    • Improves hair growth and covers uneven spots
    • A nice subtle scent
    • Blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil
    • Soften hair, strengthen hair follicles

    How to choose a beard oil?

    It is important to note a few different things when you go out to buy the best beard growth oil. Knowing what to look for when buying beard butter and oil is way more important than knowing where to buy beard oil. So, as you make your choice, keep a look at the following aspects.

    Oil used

    There are a ton of different oils blended to give you the product that you seek. The blend includes olive oil and argan oil as well as avocado, pumpkin, coconut, and tea tree oil. Some manufacturers prefer using Pumpkin seek and flaxseed oil while others find Castor, Sweet Almont, and Jojoba oil a better combination. Other commonly used oils include vitamin e, grape seed, and shea butter oil.


    A notable thing is that the beard scent should be good and it must not intervene with your other scents. Therefore, go for all-natural oils and search for a fragrance-free product. However, some men do prefer using a scented oil and in that case, you need to figure out which one works best for you.

    Packaging and testing

    This is a choice that you have to make. However, we recommend using recyclable packaging.  Moreover, some manufacturers test these oils on animals, and those products, although a matter of personal preference, shall be avoided.

    How to choose a beard conditioner?

    It is important to know how you should choose the best beard conditioner. So, let’s have a look:

    Type of beard

    The type of beard is a notable factor. Consider the thickness of your hair and a general rule of thumb is that thicker beards need stronger conditioners.


    Scent emitted from a conditioner can go a long way. Generally, you don’t want it to interfere with your deodorants and perfumes. However, some individuals have a liking for the scents from conditioners. The smell is largely dependent upon the ingredients.

    Skin type

    Sensitive skin is hard to deal with and will give you a tough time in choosing the right conditioner. Normally, your skin will be alright with a general-purpose conditioner. However, for people who have sensitive skin, an appropriate all-organic ingredient will be a good pick.


    Do note that there are conditioners that are all-natural and then there are products that come with some harsh chemicals. So, be wise in making your choice. Jojoba oil and argan oil are perhaps the two most widely used natural ingredients in best beard oils and conditioners.

    That's all folks

    Here's your guide about the best beard growth oil and beard conditioner. Make sure you choose wisely and always pick the products that suit your skin and hair. A product doing great for your friend might not do equally well for you because of the difference in skin and variation in the set of requirements. Thus, consider the features and choose the products that address your needs the best.


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